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Desert Rehabilitation Ctr.
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President and founder of the Desert Rehabilitation Center, Samuel A. Wise, M.D., brings a significant amount of medical and technical experience to the regional area. He is a native of Nevada and alumnus of the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He founded the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Sunrise Hospital in June 1989. Under the direction of Dr. Wise the department has grown tenfold and has an outstanding reputation. Dr. Wise is also the Nevada Health System Reform coordinator for American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Wise is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Wise completed a residency training in the specialty (PMR /Physiatry) at the University of Utah.Subsequently, Dr. Wise completed a Stanford University Department of Surgery fellowship in spinal cord injury (SCI), and was an attending physician in spinal cord injury through Stanford University at the prestigious Palo Alto VAMC Spinal Cord Injury Unit.

Dr. Wise is the only fellowship trained spinal cord injury rehabilitation specialist in the state of Nevada. He has been active in research, rehabilitation engineering, human performance and biotechnologies. Some of his work has been related to better understanding of how hand-eye coordination and remote operation of robotic devices are accomplished.

Other work relates to developing better means of measuring hand and arm function in both normal and disabled individuals. As a consultant to several projects, Dr. Wise has provided valuable input and direction for specialized interface and control devices for tele- operations and disabled persons. He has been an invited speaker in adaptive technologies, the American Disabilities Act and other rehabilitation topics.

The Desert Rehabilitation Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Desert Rehabilitation Center is an established corporation providing physical medicine and rehabilitation services for the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. The Desert Rehabilitation Center views its mission as increasing the optimal functional restoration by maximizing all available resources, personal responsibility and societal integration.

Desert Rehabilitation Center has been dedicated to building a long term relationship with clients and patients through quality medical care. The Desert Rehabilitation Center has differentiated itself in the market by striving to satisfy not only the greatest medical care for its patients, but also by emphasizing community education, outreach programs, and by providing a comprehensive ongoing rehabilitation service.

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